Chinese Passengers Angrily Confront Foreigner Smoking a Cigarette in Beijing Train

train fight

A video showing a foreign man smoking on the Beijing Metro Line 2 subway and being confronted by Chinese passengers is going viral on Chinese social media.

The 22-second clip, which was posted on Weibo on February 24 by user Jg_JiaWuJia, shows a very intoxicated man having an argument with the passengers of the subway train after lighting up a cigarette.

train fight

In the video, one of the passengers told the man, “F**k off back to your country, okay?” and as a response, the drunk foreigner said: “This is our country.”

Naturally, it only went downhill from there, as the transcript of the confrontation provided by Shanghaiist via Medium shows:

“Commuter: “Here is China!”

Foreigner: “It’s called the Middle Kingdom!”

Commuter: “Hey it’s China.”


Commuter: “F**k you face…” (?)

Foreigner: “You, f**k off! You f**k…”

Commuter: “F**k you.”

Foreigner: “F**k me? F**k you!”

Another passenger reportedly approached the man and snatched the cigarette right out of his hand.

train fight

Shortly after taking the video, Weibo user Jia showed the clip to a staff at Fuxingmun stop, Daily Mail reported. Subway authorities quickly tried to settle the quarrel.

train fight

It is illegal to smoke while inside the subway train in China. Those who are caught smoking will face a fine between 50 yuan ($7.93) and up to 1000 yuan ($158.51), according to Regulation on Operation Safety of Metro Transport in Beijing.

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