‘Chinese Parents’ Game Lets You Experience Living Like a Chinese Kid

‘Chinese Parents’ Game Lets You Experience Living Like a Chinese Kid‘Chinese Parents’ Game Lets You Experience Living Like a Chinese Kid
Bryan Ke
June 25, 2019
Simulation games are fun as this genre lets you experience what it feels like to live a different life including what it’s like to be a Chinese kid who is preparing to face his/her ultimate challenge: the Gaokao.
In the indie-realistic life simulation game “Chinese Parents,” published by Coconut Island Games, you’ll play as a kid born to an ordinary Chinese family, according to the Steam listing.
You’ll start off as a baby who just came into this world and play through the game until the end of your high school days where you will have to face the greatest challenge many high school students face known as “gaokao,” or The National College Entrance Examination.
In “Chinese Parents,” you can expect a lot of features that can be usually found in other sim games such as mini-games that can help you progress in the story as well as stats to help your character.
Of course, since this is a life sim game, there’s also the dating aspect that you have to pay attention to. You can choose from 14 different friends to date with and there are different ways on how to interact with them to know them better.
There is also that option where you can choose to be a tiger parent or not, which is all totally up to you.
And lastly, your family will live on from generation to generation. It means that “Your child in the next game will benefit from your achievements in the previous generation,” as said in the description.
Head over to Steam to check out “Chinese Parents.”
Featured image via Facebook / Coconut Island Games
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