Chinese Painter Proves that You Don’t Need Hands to Create Amazing Artwork

This painter from China is proving to everyone that you don’t need hands to create amazing works of art — just pure dedication to master your craft.

The unnamed artist doesn’t have hands, but despite this predicament, he still managed to find a way to paint – well, two ways – as can be seen in a video posted by Shanghaiist on FaceBook.

When painting calligraphy, he uses his mouth delicately as he masterfully navigates the brush to draw the characters. He also uses his mouth to draw pictures that require more precision.

As for the other details, he uses his arm to create objects like mountains or even people for his artwork.


It truly is inspiring to see people strive for greatness despite any disabilities. Some even got lucky, becoming an online star by streaming their daily lives and inspiring a lot of people like the live-streaming woman from China, Yang Li.

Images via Shanghaiist

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