Chinese News Anchor Panicking While Bee Crawls on His Face is All of Us

A news anchor in Shandong Province, eastern China, took the center spotlight after a video of him freaking out when a bee flew on his suit and crawled up to his face hit Chinese social media.

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An unnamed staff at Jiyang Radio and Television station told Pear Video that the video was taken over half a month ago, according to the Daily Mail.

It was during a live broadcast for the station, but the specific segment was cut and not aired to the public, the female staff member said. She noted that the footage was taken by the anchor’s colleagues at the studio.

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The video starts like any other normal broadcast, with the anchor delivering the news. His firm and calm demeanor quickly changed when he noticed the bee fly straight to him and land on his suit and pink tie.

The news anchor tried his best not to anger the insect as it slowly makes its way up his face. However, he appeared to be conflicted on whether he should flick the bee off or not.

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Luckily, a helper came to his aid and tried to brush off the tiny monster resting right beside his lips.

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Summoning his manly courage, he managed to drive the beast away from his face with one mighty flick, and he quickly gets up from his chair unscathed.

Featured Image via YouTube / Daily News

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