Chinese Netizens Outraged Over a Claw Machine That Uses Live Cats Instead of Toys

Chinese Netizens Outraged Over a Claw Machine That Uses Live Cats Instead of Toys

May 4, 2017
Netizens are not a bit happy about a claw machine which uses live cats instead of plush toys at an arcade in an unidentified city in China.
The mechanism of the controversial machine lets customers pick up cats and drop them into a funnel like a normal claw machine.
A video that was recently uploaded on Chinese social media showing a man playing the claw machine has since caused outrage among social media users.
In the clip, three cats are shown trying to evade the metal claws: one black, one white with black dots and one black and white. A sticker near the machine’s funnel indicated: “Master, bring me home”, according to Daily Mail.
The individual in the video tries to use the claw to grab the white cat while the other cats in the background retreated in fear.
While the claw was able to loosely grab the neck of the white cat, it failed to pick the animal up. After the frightened cat evaded being captured, the man was heard saying, “(The cat is) too fat.”
First uploaded on on April 9, the video was widely shared on the Chinese social media and other platforms.
Concerned netizens aired their opinion about the unusual arcade “game”. Many expressed that this kind of marketing stunt can cause a negative mental impact on the cats.
‘The sharp claw will hurt the cats! I am scared,” said one netizen.
“The cats were scared!” noted another. 
Some web users, on the other hand, expressed excitement to try the machine.
“Look at the cat’s shocked face, how cute,” wrote one web user in the comments.
“I want to try! Tell me where is this and I will bring some toys,” said another.
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