Chinese Netizens Give a Moment of Silence for the World’s Saddest Groom

Videos of a Chinese wedding ceremony depicting what seemed to be the saddest groom ever captured on film have recently gone viral on social media.

Netizens are going nuts over the groom’s facial expression, in which he seemed to not hide his dismay on what’s going on. The elderly bride, however, seemed to be enjoying the moment, and at times can be noticed egging on her reluctant new husband to be a bit more excited.

While the man’s predicament was not clearly explained in the Facebook post that came with the widely shared clips, it can be assumed that the man may not have thought the whole thing through before going along with the ceremony. 

Throughout the videos, the groom’s face reflected a mix of confusion, sadness, and horror as the event unfolded.

For one, there is the apparent age gap (20-40 years?) between the newlyweds. Then, there is the sight of a huge lump of cash in the video that seemed to have influenced the previously reluctant groom to sip the ‘cross-cupped wine’ which he initially refused.

We’re not judging, so we are not going to suggest that the saddest groom may have agreed to wed his bride due to financial reasons. Let’s just wish the newlyweds happiness and the best of luck. 

The two videos, posted by Facebook user Ching Choon Ooi, have been collectively viewed over 17 million times and shared by thousands of users.

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