Chinese Netizens Force Government Complaints Center to Move Complaints Box After Many Complaints

Complaint boxes serve a very important purpose — providing a venue where people can express grievances. But what if your complaint is the complaint box itself?

A complaint box outside a labor and social security supervision complaints center in China has become famous for being unusable due to its ridiculous placement.

Situated beside a stairway of the center in Baoji, Shaanxi Province, the said box was inconveniently placed about 3 meters above the ground where it is impossible to reach for normal-sized humans, Shanghaiist reports.

The placement of a surveillance camera directly watching over the box also eliminates the anonymity of the complainant, thus defeating its primary purpose of secretive complaints.

An image of the impractically placed complaint box has become widely shared on Chinese social media earlier this week, with netizens mercilessly mocking it.

Since its installation in 2008, the box, unsurprisingly, has not utilized its purpose. According to the center’s director, the reason for this is that people would rather prefer to file complaints online or via phone.

As for the camera, the officer explained that it was intended to watch the door and not the box.

After being roasted online with jokes about needing to bring “a ladder or Yao Ming” to access it, the center has decided to move the complaints box to a more reasonable location.

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