Chinese Netizens Angered Over Wedding ‘Prank’ That Wasted an Entire Truckload of Eggs

Chinese netizens are outraged over video footage of a supposed prank played on a groom at a wedding in China.  

The so-called wedding “prank”, a common ritual in Chinese weddings, had the husband-to-be tied to a lamp post while being pelted with hundreds of eggs, Daily Mail reports.

In the widely shared clip, a group of men are shown to be all smiles, holding trays upon trays of eggs with a truck full of eggs behind them.

A man initiated the wasteful practice by showering the group with a red bucket full of unknown contents. The other men then began throwing the eggs they were carrying while the groom remained tied and unable to move. In the background, cheering and shouting can be heard from the crowd as the truckload of eggs are thrown at the groom.

The ritual went on for about one and a half minutes. The sidewalk where the groom was tied up was flooded with smashed eggs.  

Many online users expressed disgust about the practice, criticizing the amount of food wasted just to get a laugh.

“Waste of food is really vulgar,” said one netizen.

“What places do people do this in?” another one asked.

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