Chinese Mom Makes Son Strip to His Underwear and Squat in Public for Grabbing Girl’s Butt

A Chinese mother is stirring controversy online after she was caught punishing her second-grader son in public for grabbing his female classmate’s butt at school.

According to Chinese reports via Shanghaiist, the mom received a call from her son’s teacher from his school in Guiyang city, the capital of Guizhou province, China and was told about the act, which, if he is an adult, could lead to some serious trouble with the law.


Wanting to teach her child a lesson, the mother stripped him to his underwear while they were in public and made him squat as people watched to make him see what it’s like to feel violated and embarrassed.

The mother then called the parents of the girl and apologized for what her son did. She also said that she would discipline her son better in the future.

While it may be too extreme to a lot of netizens, they admitted that this punishment and lesson will remain with him for quite some time.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / 千与千寻

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