Chinese Mother Who Never Went to School Enrolls in Kindergarten With Her Daughter

Chinese Mother Who Never Went to School Enrolls in Kindergarten With Her Daughter

March 9, 2018
A mother in southern China who never went to school decided to enroll at a kindergarten with her five-year-old daughter.
Shi Xiaoqin, 31, hopes that by attending school, she can help teach her children and perhaps snag a better job for herself.
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Speaking to local media, the mother of two explained that there were reasons why she didn’t come to school as a child.
She also recalled times when her illiteracy prevented her from securing any kind of work at all, even with opportunities outside their province of Guizhou.
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Despite what others may think of her, she’s happy to attend school. She even plays with her classmates during breaks.
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The South China Morning Post quoted her as saying:
“I don’t care what others think of me. Accompanying my daughter in class not only helps me to pick up new knowledge, but also allows me to better teach my daughter.”
“Once I know how to read and write, I can help my daughter learn at home, and when she grows up, she will have the chance to get a good job.”
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Shi, who started classes last month, maintains her responsibilities at home. After school, she tends to chores, her children, and their grandparents. Meanwhile, her husband is working away from home in the construction sector.
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Even though it’s hard for her to balance all of these things in her life, she’s making good progress. Her teacher, Chi Mingxia, told reporters:
“Shi Xiaoqin studies hard. She has grasped a lot about Mandarin’s pinyin and recognises many characters. She has set a good example for the other children at our school.”
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