Chinese Mom Sends Baby Wrapped in Plastic to Orphanage Via Same-Day Delivery Service

Chinese Mom Sends Baby Wrapped in Plastic to Orphanage Via Same-Day Delivery Service
Ryan General
August 11, 2017
A delivery man in southeastern China made a shocking discovery in a package he was carrying after suddenly hearing the sound of a baby’s cry halfway through his journey.
Upon checking, he found that the delivery service had been hired to deliver a baby girl to an orphanage. Inside the package, the infant was found wrapped in plastic bags, covered in sweat due to the sweltering heat.
A video shared online shows the baby being fed by concerned onlookers with water to keep her hydrated as the weather was reportedly extremely hot that day. It was reported that the baby was wrapped in a package for delivery to Fuzhou Children’s Welfare Institution on August 9.
The delivery man from Dada Delivery picked up the order in Fuzhou’s Jin’an district, according to the Beijing News (via the Daily Mail). In the video, he stated that he did not meet the mother as he was merely told to pick up a package. The newborn was immediately rushed to a hospital by Jin’an policemen and paramedics to have her health condition examined.
In a statement on Chinese social media site Weibo, Jin’an authorities confirmed that the baby’s 24-year-old mother, identified by her surname Luo, has been located and arrested, according to ShanghaiistLuo reportedly confessed to sending her baby girl to an orphanage through a delivery service. The alleged abandonment case is still under further investigation, the authorities say.
The story, which became widely discussed on Chinese social media, has sparked outrage among netizens who have called for harsh punishments over the mom’s apparent negligence.
The baby, who is now in stable condition, remains confined in a hospital.
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