Man Wakes From Deep 12-Year Coma Under The Care Of His 75-Year-Old Mother

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A Chinese man has awoken from a coma after his 75-year-old mother nursed him day and night since his car accident 12 years ago.

The patient, named Wang Shubao, was involved in a car crash in Shouguang, Shandong in 2006. The accident left the man a quadriplegic and in a deep coma that lasted over a decade.


Since then, Wang’s mom Wei Mingying has become his sole caretaker as his father passed away when he was young.

Wei, who stayed by her 36-year-old son’s bedside through the years, reportedly had spent her entire life savings on medical bills. At one point, she became so poor that she didn’t eat a proper meal for an entire month.

“My mouth, my tongue was all dry. I would just drink water,” the mother was quoted as saying.


She told reporters that she has accumulated a total of 120,000 yuan ($17,300) in debt, MailOnline reports. 

The frail mother, who now only weighs 66 lbs after losing 44 lbs over the years, starts her day early to ensure her son is properly cared for.  

Every day, she washes her son’s face, bathes him, feeds him, massages him and adjusts her son’s body position to prevent bedsores.

Last month, Wei saw a miracle when she caught him smiling, a sign that her son had finally regained consciousness.

“I am just overjoyed. I hope he will make a full recovery,” Wei said. “I will never give up on him.”

“I hope he can call me ‘mom’ again one day,” she added.

Wang is still unable to move or speak but he can now hear his mother and would smile in response to her words.

Chinese netizens have expressed admiration to the loving mother’s sacrifice and dedication in caring for her son.

‘There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love,” one commenter wrote in a story shared on Weibo.

“This man is a lucky son. I’m in tears!” another Weibo user wrote.

“Only a mother would love their child this much,” said a netizen.

Featured image via Miaopai

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