Chinese Mom Beats Cancer to See Her Adorable Triplets Grow Up

Chinese Mom Beats Cancer to See Her Adorable Triplets Grow UpChinese Mom Beats Cancer to See Her Adorable Triplets Grow Up
A mother in China has triumphed over
Li Shu, 34, first went viral in 2013 after recording an advance congratulatory video for her three young girls on their wedding ceremonies.
She feared that she could die soon and miss such important events in their lives.
Four years later, she makes headlines again, but this time with good news. According to CGTN, she defeated cancer and returned to work at a community clinic.
Diagnosed with gastric adenocarcinoma in 2013, Li reportedly underwent a successful tumor removal surgery and has been on regular annual checkups in Chongqing, southwestern China:
“I couldn’t fall asleep at the beginning, but I have been calmed down and begin to enjoy the stunning scenery of Shapingba District in the city [Chongqing].”
Li’s doctor denied the possibility of recurrence but advised her to continue medications and exercise.
Meanwhile, her triplets have grown up to become amazing little girls.
According to Tencent, people often have difficulty identifying who’s who. They all love their mother’s cola chicken wings, but each has her own unique personality.
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The “eldest” of the triplets says she must take care of her two younger siblings and set them a good example.
“My grades are the best, of course.”
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The “middle” girl loves drawing and playing the piano. She also managed to find an advantage in her position, especially during fights:
“If my older sister wins, I tell her that big sisters should give way to the younger ones. But if my younger sister wins, I tell her that younger sisters should listen to the big ones.”
“In short, I feel very good!”
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Finally, the “youngest” of the triplets seem to get the most jokes, but she says she doesn’t mind.
“For example, my first sister will ask me, ‘Baby, do you like to play with water?’”
“I like to.”
“Then go wash the fruit.”
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“For example, my second sister will ask me, ‘Baby, should big sister let you do things?’”
“Of course.”
“Then I will let you help me bring the stool over.”
This year, the triplets sent their mother a WeChat message while she was in Chongqing for a check-up.
Photo via QQ
“Mom, we are brave. Love you forever,” they said in unison.
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