Chinese Mom Attacks Little Girl on Mall Playground, Netizens Blame the Little Girl

When an angry Chinese mother was caught on camera assaulting a little girl, an unusual thing happened on Chinese social media after the video went viral.

For some reason, most netizens chose to side with the woman who went berserk on a young child for accidentally stepping on her son while playing. Some online users blamed the little girl for the fight and even called the child “demented” and “vicious.”

According to Shanghaiist, the woman’s son and the young girl were playing in a play area at a shopping mall in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province when the incident occurred. The protective mother was reportedly enraged that her son got hurt and despite repeated apologies from the girl’s parents, her anger could not be contained.

The angry woman then started chasing after the little girl, aiming to punish her for accidentally hurting her son.

When other parents in the area tried to step in and get involved, the furious woman began lashing out them as well. Her husband held her back while their son kept crying.

The footage of the incident was widely viewed and shared on China’s social media platform Weibo and netizens weighed in with their opinion.

Some Weibo users pointed out the girl is even seen pushing another child in the background as the parents argued.

“This little girl is demented and vicious. Stepping on a boy’s head, refusing to apologize, and at the same time pushing another girl. How can she be so small and so vicious? What will happen when she grows up?” said a comment that had over 10,000 likes.

“Watch the full video, at the end the little girl pushes another kid,” another one noted.

“There is something wrong with how this little girl was brought up. Her hands are too quick, too mischievous. In the video she pushes another child,” another commenter wrote.

At least one comment on Shanghaiist noticed that there was also something amiss about the behavior of the boy’s mother.

The comment read:

“How can she be so small and so vicious? What will happen when she grows up?

“She’ll grow up to be like the little boy’s mother.

“Children learn to play with one another. They learn to share. They learn to take turns. That’s the NORMAL part of the process of growing up. The mother of the boy was totally out of order”

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