Chinese Models Break The Internet With Their Astonishing Speed

You won’t see any model game stronger than this.

Brought to us by PetaPixel, videos of TaoBao (China’s Amazon) models are surfacing, showing the absolute magic that goes on behind the scenes of women’s online fashion retail. The camera is set to burst mode, and the women quickly free-style a series of poses. Over the course of 15 seconds, the models can complete 30 or more poses, or about 2 poses per second.

China Daily reports that these women can model up to 150 outfits per day and that taking upwards of 700 photos during one shoot isn’t uncommon. They have one minute to change outfits and a ten minute lunch break, but the payout for this grueling schedule can mean beaucoup bucks — some models earn up to 10,000 yuan (~$1,500) for their exhaustive work.

Check out more videos here:

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