Chinese Model Stuns the Internet For Looking Like a Living Anime Doll

Kina Shen is a Chinese blogger/model who has built a huge fanbase in China over the years with her astonishing doll-like features.

More recently, the 25-year-old captivated new fans with her unique looks after her latest pictures went viral.

Her Instagram account, which she started back in 2013, now has over 460,000 followers, establishing her as a bona fide internet celebrity.

On the popular photo-sharing site, netizens from around the globe often liken her to a doll, reports SoraNews24

In her photos, she often highlights her porcelain skin and anime-like large eyes with makeup and trendy clothes completing her image of an actual living doll.

She does, however, have a certain preference to gothic fashion that provides a distinct contrasting look for her style.

Occasionally, she dons an anime cosplay attire, bringing almost any anime character to life with natural ease.

Shen, who obtained a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing Management at the The Art Institute of California, Hollywood, once shared the secret to her large and mesmerizing eyes on YouTube via a makeup tutorial so her fans can also try achieving a similar look too.

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