Chinese Model Reveals Disturbing Injuries Caused By Abusive Boyfriend

Chinese Model Reveals Disturbing Injuries Caused By Abusive BoyfriendChinese Model Reveals Disturbing Injuries Caused By Abusive Boyfriend
A Chinese internet model has sparked a massive online debate after claiming that her boyfriend has been abusing her physically for three years.
Beijing-based Wang Rui’er, 23, even published a photo that purports to show how she looked like after taking a violent beating from her boyfriend. According to her claims, her breast almost exploded from the his punches, NetEase reports (via Shanghaiist).
The model shared the intriguing image on Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo, which showed multiple visible injuries on her face and body. The picture also has a blurred part around her right breast which appears to have a laceration.
In her post where she addressed her now ex-boyfriend, she wrote:
“We’d been together for three years. I admit in the beginning I chose you because of your money, but I’ve also had to endure your torture and your beatings for three years.
“Just think for a moment, I have plenty of suitors who are also very rich. If all I wanted was money, why would I have stayed with you for three years!
“Until last night, when you hit me so hard my breast almost exploded, I decided I could endure you no longer – even if you threw a wad of cash at me and promised to pay for my surgeries.
“So, yes, it’s over. Please, go away, get out of my life.”
Netizens are split on the shocking news, with some expressing doubt on the authenticity of the picture and others wondering why Wang never sought police help throughout years of domestic violence.
“Even with two black eyes, don’t forget to put on your fake eyelashes,” a netizen reacted.
“I feel like this situation and her breasts are both very fake,” a commenter wrote.

Other Weibo users, however, expressed their support for Wang and commended her for being brave in coming out with the story. 
Wang became internet famous following a modeling contest victory in 2012. She has since gone on to become China’s hottest online model. Over the years, she has reportedly spent over $145,000 on plastic surgery to transform her face and body.
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