Chinese millionaire withdraws fortune, forces bank to hand count bills because they asked him to wear mask

Chinese millionaire withdraws fortune, forces bank to hand count bills because they asked him to wear mask

October 25, 2021
A wealthy Chinese man who was asked to follow pandemic protocols inside a bank in Shanghai responded by threatening to withdraw all his savings.
Taking his millions elsewhere: The man, known only by his social media handle “Sunwear” on Weibo, flared up after engaging in an argument with employees of the Bank of Shanghai on Hongmei Road, reported Ladbible.
  • Sunwear noted in his Weibo posts that he first withdrew 5 million Chinese yuan (around $783,000) from his account (the maximum withdrawal per day) and ordered the staff to manually count and check each 100 yuan banknote.
  • He then told them he would keep returning to withdraw the same amount until he fully emptied his account.
  • The bank client stated that he plans to make the staff manually count the banknotes in each withdrawal, saying, “It was necessary to request them to count the cash in case it fell short.”
  • In his since-deleted posts, Sunwear said he is putting his large sum of money in other banks because of “the worst service attitude” he allegedly received from the staff.
  • He also shared images of bundles of bills placed on top of the bank counter and later tucked in suitcases.
Bank responds: The bank has denied Sunwear’s accusations and claimed that the client was simply asked to follow COVID-19 protocols, with a security guard telling him to wear a mask, according to the Irish Mirror.
  • According to the bank, none of its staff members broke any customer service guidelines, noting that the client’s complaint suggested “he had higher expectations of financial services.”
  • Sunwear said two bank workers took two hours to prepare his huge withdrawal with a single currency counter.
  • Based on his posts, it is unclear whether he indeed pushed through with his threats to withdraw the rest of his money after his first withdrawal.
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