Military Student Goes Viral for Throwing Himself in Judo When Partner Doesn’t Show Up


“Go big or go home” is what this military student probably had in mind when he went to Judo training in China in where his partner failed to show up for practice.

The funny and full of dedication incident was filmed at Huaibei Normal University in Anhui, eastern China, according to Shanghaiist.


It was unclear why the student’s partner failed to show up during practice, but it certainly did not stop him from attending the training where each students – all have their own partners – have to Judo-throw their attackers in a mock combat training.


Since he was pretty much all on his own, the student had to do all of the required moves for the training, which includes twisting the arm, throwing, getting thrown, and wincing in pain and agony.

Surprisingly, he did that. He did all of that.

Kudos to the student for going all in.

Images screenshot via YouTube / Shanghaiist

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