A Chinese Middle School is Forcing Students to Write Letters Exactly Like a Computer

The handwriting work of young students from one school in China is gaining attention this week for its computer-like precision and neatness.

Photographs of the handwriting work of students from Hengshui Middle School in the Heibei province of China went viral on Chinese social media, whose users were impressed by the script so neat that it looked like it came from “textbooks,” according to People’s Daily Online via Daily Mail.


The students were reportedly required to have their English letters handwritten so perfectly and uniformly that the work would look as though they were printed from computers.

The compositions touch on subjects such as Chinese social customs, pollution and even natural disasters.

Although the students’ handwriting work is near flawless, teacher comments on the assignments included “definitely needs more practice” and “Not one stroke more; not one stroke less.” One pupil was even told “see me for criticism” on her apparently subpar work.

Hengshi Middle School is a boarding school with more than 5,000 students aged 15 to 18 and is reportedly one of the best in the country.

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