Chinese Metro Line Now Records Passengers’ Faces With 4K Security Cameras

Chinese Metro Line Now Records Passengers’ Faces With 4K Security CamerasChinese Metro Line Now Records Passengers’ Faces With 4K Security Cameras
Ryan General
January 3, 2018
Grainy surveillance footages are so 2017.
Guangzhou’s metro line is now being touted as the first subway system in the world with a surveillance system so advanced real-time footage can be fed to the control room in ultra-high definition quality.
Real-time high-resolution 4K CCTV cameras capable of scanning every inch of the entire transit line have been installed along the 22-kilometer (14-mile) metro line of the wealthy Chinese city. Movements and even the slightest facial expressions of passengers can now be captured and instantly transmitted in clear images. 
Guangzhou-based tech firm Nufront developed the technology, which will soon start operation upon the opening of the new metro lines.
According to South China Morning Post, the state-of-the-art cameras can also be equipped with facial recognition software, which immediately taps on the criminal database to handle suspicious activity with ease. Such a system, which has been tested on Hong Kong’s MTR, may eventually be implemented for additional security, according to Nufront technical manager Huang Peng.
While transmission of high-resolution video is expected to be a challenge for the existing 4G mobile networks, the company claims its high bandwidths and low-latency technology will make real-time, high-res video transmission possible even on high-speed trains running at 120 km/h (75 mi/h) or more.
Trains running on the newly built section of Line 14 in the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City Line, are already transmitting ultra-clear surveillance images in real-time without a hitch. The train’s six compartments are each installed with four of the 4K CCTV cameras, with three more set up in each of the two cabins. The technology is considered a major leap as for years, most CCTV cameras installed in trains have been low in resolution and are limited in its scope.
Guangzhou, which currently has 13 subway lines, covering a total length of 390.6 km (242.7 mi), opened four new subway lines last week.
While the updates for the older sections of the network that cover longer distances may take more time, authorities have noted that all upcoming metro lines to open in Guangzhou this year will be equipped with the same innovative technology.
Feature Image via Xinhua
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