Chinese Men Posing as Japanese WWII Soldiers Get Mobbed by 300 Angry Locals

After posing as Japanese WWII soldiers outside a train station, two Chinese men found themselves at home surrounded by about 300 locals threatening to beat them.

The men from China’s Guangxi region appeared outside a high-speed rail station on Sunday, donning military uniforms worn by Japanese imperial forces between the 1930s and 1940s.

In a viral video, one of them is seen pulling out a sword and lashing out Japanese curses at pedestrians.

The other man is seen riding a motorcycle while filming his partner’s “acting.”

Later in the day, authorities searched for the pair and some 300 locals gathered outside their homes.

More police were deployed at their locations to control the crowds.

The two were eventually detained for 10 days for disrupting public order. Apparently, they pulled off the stunt to “gain fame on the internet,” a police statement said.

As per South China Morning Post, many netizens criticized the men, but also felt indifferent toward those who rallied outside their homes. The outlet quoted one as saying:

“It’s their freedom to wear what they want – at least they were not exposing themselves. But did those violent people prove themselves to be patriotic?”

Watch them act as Japanese war soldiers below:

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