Chinese Man’s Proposal Ends in Humiliation Because He Doesn’t Own a Toilet

Chinese Man’s Proposal Ends in Humiliation Because He Doesn’t Own a Toilet
Ryan General
March 8, 2017
A young Chinese man had his heart stomped on in public by a woman who had no interest in marrying a guy who has no toilet in his home.
The romantic hopeful from Nanning apparently failed to capture the heart of his beloved after falling short of the woman’s standards, Shanghaiist reports.
The unsuccessful proposal, captured on camera by several bystanders, went viral on Chinese social media over the weekend:
“Your place doesn’t even have a toilet, or a bath. You’re asking me to marry you? That’s a laugh!” the woman screamed at the man without mercy.
The broken hearted man can be seen later picking up his bag and leaving without any response.
Online reactions toward the incident were mostly in favor with the guy, with some netizens offering sympathy for the young man, while others berated the woman for humiliating her suitor in public.
“She could have reacted with a bit of kindness,” one commented pointed out.
Others simply pointed out the bright side of dodging a bullet.
“That lucky moment when not having a toilet saves you from getting married to an uncontrollable insane woman,” a netizen wrote.
According to the latest statistics, men outnumber the women in China by 33 million. With a disparity like that, stepping up your game by at least owning a toilet may be a huge boost in landing the woman of your dreams.
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