Chinese Man’s Epic Proposal Gets Foiled by Campus Security Guards

Chinese Man’s Epic Proposal Gets Foiled by Campus Security Guards
Ryan General
November 21, 2016
Men in China have a penchant for highly complicated proposals involving a variety of props and showmanship.
With fifty-fifty chances, some romantic dudes win the girls’ heart with simple declarations of love, while some fail even with great diligence and dedication. Then there’s this one special case where the poor guy didn’t even get the chance to ask.
After taking a ton of effort and time to prepare, a romantic gesture by a young Chinese Casanova was unfortunately foiled by security officers on Tuesday night.
An unnamed student simply wanted to propose to the girl of his dreams by crafting an elaborate setup of beautifully arranged candles at a university in Guangxi. What he did not prepare for was the arrival of campus security right after he was finishing up his thoughtful act, reported NetEase (via Shanghaiist).
Arriving ahead of his sweetheart were two campus security officers who escorted him off of the campus. Had he asked permission first, the results could’ve been much sweeter.
Many netizens sympathized to the love-struck student, with some complimenting on his proposal attempt:
“Best wedding proposal display yet, also during the Supermoon. Too bad about campus security,” said one commenter.
“Welcome to China the no joy zone,” another netizen said.
Perhaps we have not seen the last of Romeo’s quest to win his girl’s heart.
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