Chinese Manager ‘Motivates’ Staff by Making Them Rip Up Their Cash

Video footage showing a manager in China forcing her employees to tear their money up has caused uproar on Chinese social media.

South China Morning Post reported that a manager ordered five of her employees to tear their 100-yuan bills because they did not meet their daily 100 deals sales quota.

According to the publication, the incident happened at the Gome electrical store located in the Shandong province. In the video that circulated on social media, the manager ordered her underperforming employees to tear their money up or lose their job.

The manager explained that she only meant to teach her employees the value the company’s resources, but because destroying money is illegal, the police department gave the manager a warning and fined her $688.

Many netizens can’t help but feel sorry for the employees who were forced to tear their own money just to satisfy the manager’s demand and avoid losing their jobs.

Some online users from Twitter were so furious about what the manager did and said that she should be fired while others said that such act only causes hate instead of motivation to work hard.

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