Chinese Man’s Wedding Goes Viral After His 11 Sisters Pay for EVERYTHING

Chinese Man’s Wedding Goes Viral After His 11 Sisters Pay for EVERYTHINGChinese Man’s Wedding Goes Viral After His 11 Sisters Pay for EVERYTHING
When Gao Haozhen
The 22-year-old groom from Shanxi Province, China, is reportedly the only male child and the youngest in his huge family.
Gao’s 11 sisters were able to raise around 320,000 yuan ($48,000), which was enough to fund not only the wedding and betrothal gifts but also buy the newlyweds a new house.
Widely shared images online show the 11 sisters wearing the same red T-shirt with numbers representing their seniority relative to their only brother.
The story soon went viral and sparked some discussions on local social media, with many wondering why the man did not fund his own marriage and whether if the sisters were forced to contribute.
Many were also wondering how the parents managed to raise 12 children during the time China’s one-child policy was still in place.
In an interview with via SupChina, one of the sisters named Gao Yu 高玉 explained that it was all of the sisters’ decision to foot the bill for their brother’s wedding.
According to Gao Yu, their mother gave birth to her first child at age 20 before giving birth to 11 more kids over the course of 27 years, with Gao Haozhen being the last.
The sister explained that their parents finally stopping when the family had their first son.
“My parents’ generation have some conventional ways of thinking. They just want a son,” Gao Yu noted.
She further added that her parents had to pay a “remarkable amount” in fines to have multiple children during the country’s implementation of the one-child policy.
Gao Yu pointed out how every child in their family is treated equally, but she revealed that she is the only one who went to high school. Due to poverty, two of her sisters didn’t receive any formal education.
As for their newfound online fame, the sister said it has left the entire family bewildered.
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