27-year-old Chinese man struggles to find a job because of his youthful appearance

  • A 27-year-old Chinese man has been unable to attain a job for years due to his young appearance.
  • Many companies have rejected the man due to suspicions that he is working as a government agent investigating child labor violations.
  • He shared a video on Douyin where he vented his frustrations, explaining that he is the only one who can financially care for his father.
  • In one video, the man shows his ID to prove that he was born in 1995.

Due to his resemblance to a young child, a 27-year-old man in China has been unable to find a job as companies suspect he is working as a government agent.

Mao Sheng, from Guangdong province, has been facing job rejections for years due to his youthful appearance. Several companies have denied Mao as they suspect he is being used to expose companies abusing child labor laws. 

The 27-year-old explained one incident where he and his friend both applied to work at the same factory, but the manager only hired his friend. 

Mao expressed his frustrations on Douyin on July 22, where he explained that he is the only one who can financially support his father who purportedly had suffered from a recent stroke. He also shared a clip of his ID two days later as evidence that he was born in 1995 to unbelieving netizens. 

Since the video went viral, Mao has become a local celebrity, and several companies have reached out to offer him a job. In a follow-up video, Mao stated that he had accepted one of the offers. The 27-year-old now hopes to earn enough money to support his father and his recovery. He also added that he looks forward to finding a girlfriend and starting a family.

The original Douyin video has garnered 68,000 likes and 19,000 comments since being uploaded.


Featured Image via Douyin 

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