Chinese Man Buys New Truck Using $12,142 in Small Change

Chinese Man Buys New Truck Using $12,142 in Small Change
Editorial Staff
January 15, 2016
Many people bring their collected change to the bank or keep it in their cars to pay toll booths and parking meters. One man in southern China, however, brought his half a ton in change to an automotive dealership to purchase a vehicle.
The man, surnamed Cai, brought 10 boxes containing 80,000 yuan ($12,142) in coins and one-yuan notes (15 cents) to purchase a truck at the Guangdong Province dealership, reports the Zhanjiang Daily News (via South China Morning Post).
Altogether, the 10 boxes reportedly weighed around 1,100 pounds and took 13 staff members 10 hours to count.
“I receive more than a thousand coins a day. I have too much change for most banks to exchange for larger bank notes,” Cai, who is paid in change by tuck shops for his biscuits and sweets, told the Zhangjiang Daily News.
“Although some people might think that I’m flouting my wealth by paying for everything in small change, but it’s all I have and I just hope that the other person will accept them.”
Dealership manager Yang Huai, citing Cai as a “loyal customer” who had already bought four cars from them, said the dealership “had to help him solve this problem.”
He added: “After receiving his money, we’ll discuss with the bank how we can make the deposit. If not, we’ll just have to spend it internally.”
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