Chinese Man Gets Stuck Halfway Through a Bus Windshield After Bizarre Incident

In a strange scene that isn’t at all what you might assume, a man in Suihua, China ended up halfway through a bus windshield and gushed out a spectacular amount of blood.
Now, some might assume that the bus was driving down the road, one passenger wasn’t in his seat where he should have been when the bus came to a sudden stop — BAM! Right through the windshield. Well that isn’t at all how it happened.
Apparently, while the bus was moving, the man got up and all of a sudden started sprinting down the isle towards the bus’s windshield. On his second attempt, he ended up through the window only halfway where he got stuck as the jagged pieces of glass began to stab into his abdomen.
Here’s footage from the scene (WARNING: GRAPHIC):
The bus eventually stopped as passengers tried to help free the man but were unsuccessful. Eventually, they called the police who were able to rescue the man and take him to the hospital where he suffered from cuts and bruises.
While it is unknown why the man flung himself through the window, the police are now investigating whether he has a history of mental illness.
Source: Shanghaiist
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