Man caught putting semen in woman’s drink causes uproar on Chinese social media

Man caught putting semen in woman’s drink causes uproar on Chinese social media
Carl Samson
July 5, 2022
A man caused disgust and uproar on Chinese social media after allegedly being caught putting semen into a woman’s drink.
Word about the man’s tampering began circulating on June 30 after several users posted about it online. The incident allegedly occurred inside a laboratory at the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, a division of the state-run Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).
The revelation reportedly came after some students installed a security camera to investigate why there were “dirty things” in their cups. The cups also appeared to have been moved when they were not around.
The camera caught the man putting semen into the students’ drinks. Chinese news outlets did not specify whether he was masturbating in the lab, only that he was caught “in the process of the crime.”
In a statement on July 1, Liu Wen, the institute’s deputy director, said the matter is now under investigation and is being “seriously handled.” By Monday, the man was administratively detained by Shanghai police for “picking quarrels” and “provoking trouble,” according to reports.
This is not the first time a man has made headlines in China for putting semen into a woman’s drink. In 2014, a Zhejiang employee repeatedly “injected” semen into his colleague’s drink, resulting in a three-day detention.
Weibo users commented on the latest scandal:
“This is so perverted.”
“Confiscate the crime tools.”
“If he has a venereal disease, his semen will be contagious.”
“Academic qualifications do not represent moral character.”
“No matter how decent the profession or highly educated a person is, there will be this kind of flaw.”
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