Chinese Man Forced to Strip Off His Pants When His Phone Explodes in His Pocket

Phone mishaps happen, but we’ll admit this one is pretty bad.

A Chinese man was recently forced to rip off his pants in the middle of a street when his alleged Samsung smartphone exploded in his pocket.

On Saturday afternoon, the Wuhan resident, who is identified by his surname Zhang, was strolling down the street when he felt a burning sensation on his thigh. Zhang quickly realized that his Samsung smartphone had exploded inside his pants pocket.

Desperate to get rid of the blistering hot sensation that was burning his leg, Zhang stripped off his pants in broad daylight. Fortunately, a Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter hurried on over to the scene to take pictures of his burnt pants and smoking phone. The phone, which appeared to have a Samsung logo on it and listed as a model SM-G9009W, had burnt holes through Zhang’s pants.

Zhang informed the reporter that he had bought his smartphone back in 2014 from a downtown electronics market. The phone had cost him $609 or 4,000 yuan. Though he noticed the phone heats up during instances of frequent usage, such an incident has never occurred before.

h/t: Shanghaiist
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