Sick of Traffic, Man Rides Horse to Work Instead

Sick of Traffic, Man Rides Horse to Work Instead
Augustine Reyes Chan
July 7, 2015
One fed-up worker in China has started riding a horse to work to avoid traffic jams.
The man, whose name has not been released, began riding his horse to beat rush hour in the morning in Wuhan, China, reports Tencent via Shanghaiist.
The horseman claims he gave up his car because the roads to work are always congested with traffic, making him late almost every day.
On a whim, the man one day decided to leave behind his car and use his horse to get to work. Riding the horse is now the man’s main way to get to work and to leave for home.
It’s fitting because the man works at an equestrian club in Wuhan, where he’s a member of the jockey club.
Wuhan, the capital city of China’s Hubei province, is known for its busiest streets, Xiongchu and Chuxiong Avenue. Chuxiong Avenue experiences traffic jams starting at seven in the morning. Driving through the seven-mile road during rush hour can take more than an hour.
Images of the man riding the horse during traffic have already gone viral. Some laughed at the man while others admired him for going green. One netizen joked:
“Have you gotten your ‘BMW’ registered yet?”
The joke is that BMW in China affectionately translates to “precious horse.”
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