Chinese Man Proposes to His Beloved Girlfriend With a Bouquet of Beef, Totally Nails It

We’ve seen many interesting proposals from Chinese men that have involved a variety of props and a great deal of creativity, but this one has a meaty twist. 

Some romantic men have attempted to impress their sweethearts with grand proposals using a fleet of luxury cars or a bouquet of crisp bills. Others professed their love with novel things like a boxes of condoms or funeral flowers, often to mixed results.

But the current trend seems to veer on men now using food to capture a lover’s heart. Just weeks after a prospective groom was reported to have used seafood to propose, a young man from China has been making the news for proposing to his girlfriend with a bouquet made of meat.

Mu Siyao sought the hand of Wang Qiqi a day before Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival) with a customized bouquet made from her favorite type of beef.

According to Shanghaiist, the romantic gesture was performed inside a Changchun hot pot restaurant where they had their first date two years ago.

In the widely shared video posted on Chinese social media, Mu can be seen dropping down on his one knee with the meaty bouquet. Wang can hardly contain her excitement while Mu delivered his lines. A portion of the video also revealed how the bouquet was prepared for the special occasion.

Fortunately for Mu, his efforts yielded a positive response from his beloved, who gave her sweet “yes.”  Here’s to hoping they’ll savor this moment for a lifetime.

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