Chinese Man Obsessed With Drinking Liquid Detergent Surprised He Can’t Find a Girlfriend

There must be something in liquid detergent that 31-year-old Zhang Yue just can’t get enough of.
His unusual addiction to liquid soap began, like most habits do, with the initial few sips, which eventually, gradually developed into a taste and appetite for a variety of cleaning agent, from dish-washing liquids to shampoos.
Drinking half a gallon of a variety of the stuff for four years have made Zhang into some sort of a celebrity, reported CCTV news (via Naijaloaded). However, despite his lemony fresh breath, women have reportedly been elusive at the moment as he has remained single for quite some time.
Liquid detergent and other forms of cleaning are known to be dangerous to consume and can even be poisonous, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. While many contain a variety of chemicals, basic detergents can contain strong acids, alkalis, or phosphates which are deemed harmful to the digestive system.
Miraculously though, medical check-ups have cleared him of any negative effects of his detergent consumption. In other words, doctors have confirmed that he’s clean.
What he has, according to medical experts, is a condition known as pica, which is characterized by an appetite for substances that have no nutritional value, such as hair, paper, paint and others.
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