Man Helps Pay for Girl’s Medical School After Earthquake — 11 Years Later She Saves His Life

Man Helps Pay for Girl’s Medical School After Earthquake — 11 Years Later She Saves His LifeMan Helps Pay for Girl’s Medical School After Earthquake — 11 Years Later She Saves His Life
A fascinating story about a female doctor saving a man who once rescued her over a decade ago has gone viral on Chinese social media.
About 11 years ago, the man helped a girl named Tam Ling after her family was hit by a massive earthquake.
According to Sohu, Ling was the eldest daughter of an impoverished family and had to take care of her two younger sisters as her father had a disability while her mother constantly suffered from illnesses.
The devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake in 2008 destroyed their home in Sichuan, China. Unable to afford to rebuild their home, Ling and her family were forced to take shelter at their neighbor’s house.
A man named Zheng Hua came across Ling one day. The man, who grew up on a farm, empathized with the girl as she reminded him of his own childhood.
He reportedly gave his phone number to Ling and asked her to give him a call after finishing high school.
After graduating from high school, the girl’s father called up Zheng Hua and asked for help in mentoring Tam Ling.
Following Hua’s suggestion, the girl enrolled in North Sichuan Medical College, with Hua even covering her first year of tuition fees amounting to $640 plus additional pocket money.
Hua’s generosity also extended to Ling’s younger sisters as he also financed their education.
About 11 years has since passed and now Tam Ling is an optometrist working at a hospital.
Last month, Hua lost consciousness while in the middle of a meeting. He was later diagnosed with a brain aneurysm.
“The doctor said I was bleeding internally and I could lose my life if the situation is not under control,” the man was quoted as saying.
When Ling learned that the man who helped him long ago would be transferred to her hospital, she immediately arranged everything for him.
As Hua’s wife was working in a distant place at the time, Ling and her husband walked him through the admission process, signed the papers, and even accompanied him to all the necessary check-ups.
Ling’s arrangement helped in speeding up the treatment, placing Hua’s situation under immediate control. With the provided medical attention Hua did not need to undergo surgery like other patients.
“11 years ago, I put her through the medical school. 11 years later, she saved my life! I shared this story because I want to motivate others to spread kindness!” Hua noted.
Featured image via Sohu
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