Chinese man tearfully asks police for help after losing phone with over 200 photos of dead wife

Chinese man tearfully asks police for help after losing phone with over 200 photos of dead wife
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
November 16, 2022
The story of a man tearfully asking the police for help after misplacing his cell phone containing over 200 pictures of his deceased wife has struck the hearts of countless Chinese social media users.
CCTV footage circulating on Chinese social media shows the 65-year-old man, identified as Wang from Zhejiang province, sobbing as he enters a police station and asks police officers on duty for help.
There are pictures of my dead wife on the phone, now I don’t know what to do,” Wang says in the video. “The phone isn’t worth a lot, but the photos in it are very special to me.”
Wang Hui, one of the police officers who assisted the man, said it has become a routine for Wang to look at his deceased wife’s pictures on his phone every day.
The officers were not able to help the man at first, as they found no leads after reviewing surveillance footage of the places he visited before he lost his phone. Distraught by the update, Wang can be seen in the video leaning against a wall and sobbing.
The officers did not give up and followed him as he retraced his steps. They eventually found that he had lost his phone inside his home after returning from a fruit shop.
After a one-day search, they eventually found the phone inside a plastic bag of fruits. According to reports, Wang may have placed the phone inside the bag as he was opening his front door.
To safeguard the precious photos of Wang’s wife, the officers reportedly gave him a compact disc with copies of the images.
Wang’s story has touched the hearts of several social media users in China. “It’s another day of being healed by the romance of others,” one user wrote, while another said, “I am moved by the love from Wang and the police officers. How wonderful to see that to love and be loved still happens,” according to South China Morning Post.
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