Chinese Man Loses Fingers After Taunting Caged Circus Tiger With Money

Chinese Man Loses Fingers After Taunting Caged Circus Tiger With Money

November 27, 2017
An elderly man who thought it would be a good idea to feed circus animals with banknotes ended up losing two of his fingers after a caged tiger bit
Identified only by his surname Bai, the 65-year-old man sustained his injuries when went to see the visiting circus in Jingziguan, Henan Province on Wednesday afternoon, according to the South China Morning Post.
The traveling circus brought animals such as monkeys, lions, and tigers locked in cages into town for a performance that night. The truck containing the cages was parked in the town plaza when some visitors decided to observe the animals up close.  
In an interview with Beijing Youth Daily, a witness surnamed Yang said the old man inserted his arm inside a cage with a lion and tiger to feed them with paper money.
Horrifying footage revealed the shocking moment when the tiger grabbed the money and chewed on it, chomping down on Bai’s right hand and refusing to let it go. In response, some circus workers arrived and began hitting the tiger with iron bars to get the man’s hand freed. He then fell to the ground with his hand bleeding from the mauling.
“He fainted with a bleeding hand,” Yang was quoted as saying. “Two fingers were missing.”
Bai was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment and is now recuperating from his injury.
The whole ordeal left Bai with his right middle finger entirely bitten off and his ring finger half-bit. His granddaughter lamented that the circus did not set up a warning tape around to cages to discourage visitors from approaching the animals.
Another relative revealed that Bai was intoxicated on the day he went to the circus.
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