Queens Woman Hits Man With Umbrella Because She ‘Hates Chinese People’

A 68-year-old Chinese man was caught off guard when a woman whacked him with an umbrella while riding a bus in New York.

Zenxin Wang moved to New York from China in 1986 and instantly fell in love with the diversity of the city. In an interview with New York Daily News, he even described the city as being “nice” with “many kinds of races of people.”

However, the “nice” city has not been very good to him recently. According to Wang, an incident erupted when he started a conversation with a Chinese woman while they were waiting for a bus in Flushing. For no apparent reason, a middle-aged Hispanic woman shoved Wang and the woman after they boarded the bus.

When Wang asked the woman why she shoved them, her response was quick.

“Because I hate Chinese people,” the Hispanic woman said.

But things got worse when Wang criticized her for as “discrimination.” When Wang was about to get off the bus, the woman hit the Chinese elderly with an umbrella.

Although he revealed his head hurt for several days, Wang did not seek medical help.  He reported what happened to the police who are now looking for the unidentified woman.

Wang noted that he thinks the woman is also an immigrant because of her “accent.”

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