Chinese Man Gets a Brutal Bitch Slap After Allegedly Trying to Steal a Foreigner’s Phone

A Chinese man received a brutal slapping from a foreigner after he was caught trying to steal his phone. The intense encounter captured on video is now circulating on social media.

“Don’t you ever do that! Don’t you fucking ever take my phone again,” the angry man said as he delivered a hand on the suspected thief. Both men were not identified.

In clear pain, the Chinese man had no choice but crouch and defend his head.

Though swaying, he managed to get up, and the subway drama continued.

It did not take long before the foreigner took him by the neck saying, “I’ll take you to the police right now.”

In addition to suspected theft, the Chinese man allegedly called the foreigner ‘black devil,’ Daily Mail reported. According to the outlet, this is a Chinese anti-black profanity similar to n****r.

It is unknown whether the foreigner actually brought the suspect to authorities, or whether his attention was called for the apparent vigilante justice. Nevertheless, this is not the first time China saw people taking matters into their own hands.


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