Chinese Man Gets Beaten By Angry Mob For Live Streaming Himself Raping His Dogs

Chinese Man Gets Beaten By Angry Mob For Live Streaming Himself Raping His Dogs
Ryan General
August 24, 2016
An angry mob of animal rights activists lured and beat up a Chinese man for allegedly broadcasting himself raping his pet dogs online.  
The animal abuser was said to be using his dogs to run a brothel and was about to perform a live demonstration for the group when they surprised him with a violent attack.
According to the People’s Daily (via the Mirror), the man reportedly asked paying customers for 50 yuan, or $7.50, to beat the poor animals before sexually assaulting them. The abuse is then streamed live to thousands of viewers.
The concerned group found out about the heinous practice a few weeks ago when he allegedly offered members of a Chengdu chat group the chance to “rape female dogs in a way that serves us all”.
Members were able to trace the man’s location in the province of Sichuan. They then secretly lured him into a trap by chatting with with him and arranging to meet for a discussion about his unique hobby.
The meeting was set and he was caught by surprise when dozens of activists arrived to give him a not-so-pleasant greeting. They discovered that he was already running his dog brothel in his own home.
A footage circulating online showed the man stripped naked, crawling on the street after he was dragged by the vigilantes from his house. He was kicked, punched by the angry group while curious onlookers watched in shock.
Some members raised banners announcing that the beaten man raped female dogs and ran a dog brothel.
“Pervert sexually assaulted female dogs, going against morality,” said one of the signs.
Local residents later intervened and called authorities. The responding policemen stopped the beating and then sent the man to a hospital for treatment. The abused dogs were later brought to an animal shelter and will be put up for adoption. While none of the animal rights vigilantes were arrested, authorities said that they will be investigated.
The police claimed that the man will not be charged for abusing the dogs which were all identified to be strays. However, they may have found some grounds for investigating the content he broadcasted online.
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