Chinese Man Geniously Crafts a Gemstone Out of a Beer Bottle

A young man from China allegedly found a cheap way to appease his girlfriend who nagged him for a diamond ring by crafting his own gemstone using the bottom of a beer bottle.
According to Chinese news website Huanqiu (via Daily Mail), the practical man decided to make a convincing-looking emerald after his girlfriend demanded he buy a ring with a big gem. He then crafted what looked like an actual emerald out of a green beer bottle.
Photos of the unnamed man’s impressive effort were posted online showing the step by step process he used to craft the fake but believable jewelry.
He first broke off a small portion of the bottom of a green beer bottle:
He then smoothed the edges and mounted a small piece on a tool head to sand it down to give it the appearance that it was a cut stone. Afterwards, he mounted the “gemstone” on a ring and voila!
The student reportedly attends Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University, and while it has been widely reported in social media that the ring was intended for his girlfriend, claims have emerged that the man crafted the fake gem for his school project.
A woman who claimed to be his classmate said he was trying to improve his jewelry-making skills. His school teacher was said to be highly impressed.
The online post, initially uploaded under the name ‘normal people do not do this kind of thing’ in Weibo, has since gone viral in other Chinese social media sites, piquing the curiosity and interest of many Chinese netizens. So far, the original post has received more than 10,000 shares and almost 9,000 comments.
A number of Weibo users complimented the craftsmanship of the glass gem, noting that while it is not as precious as any gemstone, it still looked convincingly beautiful.
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