Chinese Man Finds $1,500 in Cash Under His Hotel Pillow, Complains to Hotel Staff

While some people would be delighted to find money they didn’t know they had, one Chinese man was furious to discover that someone had tucked 10,000 yuan, or $1,536 dollars, underneath his pillow.
The man, Lu Gang, was a hotel guest in Chongqing, China, and had stayed overnight at the establishment. Before checking out of his room from his overnight stay last weekend he did a final sweep only to find cash hidden underneath his pillow.
After ruminating over the possibilities of how the money could have gotten there, Gang concluded that his room had not been thoroughly cleaned after the previous guest had stayed.
According to Ifeng News, Gang informed his family members and reported it to the police. The hotel manager speculates that it could have belonged to the guest before Gang or another one before that.
Shanghaiist reported that Chinese hotels have been under close scrutiny for their poor cleaning practices when undercover footage showed a popular hotel chain staff using guest bath towels to sanitize toilet seats and floors last year.
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