Chinese Man Gifts $920,000 to His Bride’s Parents to Ask For Her Hand in Marriage

One Chinese man gave 6 million yuan ($919,674) to his future wife’s parents for the privilege of taking her hand in marriage.
Photos of the couple’s wedding in Putian in southeast China’s Fujian province went viral on social media because of the high dowry paid by the husband, reports the South China Morning Post.
The dowry given by the bride’s parents to their future son-in-law’s family was even more opulent: 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) and a private jet, according to mainland media. No other details were given about the couple or their families.
It is customary in China for grooms to give gifts — often monetary — to a woman’s parents in order to gain their marriage blessing.
Data released three years ago by real estate firm Vanke and media company Sina showed that the “bride prices” paid by most husbands in the country were in the tens of thousands of yuan. Shanghai brides reportedly drew the largest dowry, at an average of 1 million yuan ($153,346).
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