Chinese Man Doesn’t Want to Watch ‘Warcraft’ Premiere Alone, Brings Sex Doll With Him Instead

There is absolutely nothing weird about taking a girl out to watch an action-packed adventure film like “Warcraft” on a date night, but it is weird when that girl is actually a sex doll.

One young Chinese man got attention from the movie-going crowd on Wednesday when he brought a realistic silicon sex doll to the “Warcraft” premiere in Fuzhou, China. Sitting on a pushchair, the blonde synthetic “girlfriend” seemed to not mind the attention.

Photos of the unusual couple seen lining up for tickets — yes, he did pay for two — and later enjoying the film at Wanda Cinema, have gone viral on Chinese social media.

Warcraft,” the film adaptation of the now classic computer game, was a certified hit among Chinese fans with $20.4 million in advance tickets sold and over $46 million made on its opening night.

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