Video captures axe-wielding man in China destroying ex-boss’s Mercedes-Benz

Video captures axe-wielding man in China destroying ex-boss’s Mercedes-Benz
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Ryan General
March 8, 2023
Authorities in southern China have arrested an axe-wielding man after he heavily damaged his former boss’s Mercedes-Benz car while intoxicated. 
The perpetrator, identified only by his last name, Wu, was captured on film vandalizing the vehicle in a lot in Haikou, Hainan province, on Feb. 23, according to reports.

Wu, who reportedly worked as a transportation provider for his former employer, recently suffered injuries following a traffic mishap. He then had an argument with his former boss over hospital expenses, according to local media
In the video uploaded on Chinese social media, a crowd of people can be seen watching and recording with their phones as Wu pummels the vehicle with his axe. At one point, Wu is seen pointing at someone before proceeding to argue with a bystander. The car is eventually engulfed in smoke after taking heavy hits from the axe.
Prior to vandalizing the vehicle, Wu reportedly went to his former boss’s store after drinking alcohol and then used his axe to damage the establishment’s computer equipment and glass fixtures.
According to local reports, Wu also damaged a truck and another off-road vehicle parked outside the store. No one was injured during the incident. Police officers arrived at the scene shortly after the incident and arrested Wu on suspicion of causing a disturbance. He is currently being detained while the investigation is ongoing.

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