Chinese Man Crushed to Death After Trying to Cross Train Tracks

Chinese commuters were greeted with a shocking scene on Sunday afternoon at a train station in the province of Nanjing when a man was caught by a train and crushed to death.

The tragic footage from the Nanjing South Railway Station showed the man walking slowly on the train tracks just as a train was approaching.

The man can be seen trying to reach the opposite side of station platform but failed to make it in time. As a result, the lower half of his body became trapped in between the train and the station platform, instantly crushing everything below the waist.

The rescue team soon arrived and immediately attempted to free the man by using a jackhammer to drill through the concrete platform around him. Rescuers can be heard consoling the man and advising him not to sleep and to “keep breathing.” When he began losing consciousness, the rescuers covered his face from onlookers, Shanghaiist reports.

All efforts from the team were unfortunately not enough to save the man who was eventually pronounced dead by a doctor at the scene.

The footage of the incident is shown below but do to the graphic nature of the clip, viewer discretion is advised:

Eyewitness accounts vary in the way they explained the reason for the man’s ill-advised decision to cross over the tracks. One witness claimed that the man had earlier been crossing from platform to platform, while another said the man had just realized he was on the wrong platform.

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