Chinese Man Too Cheap for a $3 Car Wash Drives Into a River Instead, Immediately Regrets It

A man in China thought it was a good idea to drive his vehicle into a shallow river just so he could save a few bucks from a regular car wash.

However, the unnamed man from Chengdu chose the most unfortunate time for a river dip as it was just then that the floodgates opened upstream causing the water to rise higher and the stream to flow stronger.

In the footage of the unusual display of penny-pinching, the man is shown walking on the other side of the river after abandoning his Land Rover.

The 1 million yuan ($146,946) vehicle can be seen sitting partially submerged in the rushing water.

The man called for emergency assistance to bring him and his vehicle back to safety, according to the South China Morning Post.

Rescuers from the Dujiangyan Fire Services Department immediately went into action and managed to successfully get the man and the Land Rover out of the water.

He later revealed to his rescuers that he drove into the water because he was trying to avoid paying 20 yuan ($3) at a regular car wash to get his vehicle cleaned.

While he did save some money from a car wash, the possible damage sustained by the vehicle from the impractical stunt may have actually cost him more.

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