Chinese Man Bikes 1,242 Miles in 15 Days to See His Girlfriend on Her Birthday

One Chinese man biked 2,000 km (1,242 mi) across mainland China just to arrive in time for his girlfriend’s 21st birthday on Sunday.

Kuo, 27, began his journey on January 7 from the Tongzhou District in Beijing, where he works for a bicycle shop. He crossed the country in 15 days to meet his girlfriend Chiang in Neijiang, Sichuan Province.

The pair met online back in August and eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend, Chengdu Business Daily reported. They share the same hobbies; Chiang, who usually travels by walking, previously biked along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway.

Kuo’s travel was not without inconvenience. In the first four days, his bike tires went flat eight times. He also endured heavy traffic congestion, which apparently delayed his trip.

When Kuo and Chiang finally met on Sunday, they planned to travel from Chengdu to Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, by walking — a nearly 1,300 mile trip. From here, they will travel to Nepal on bike, Taiwan News said.

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