Chinese Man Attempts the Worst Christmas Morning Bank Heist Imaginable

Chinese authorities arrested a man who made a very ill-conceived attempt to rob a local bank early on Christmas morning.
The unnamed 29-year-old amateur thief was apparently planning to use an excavator to steal some cash by dismantling some of the ATMs at a branch of the China Construction Bank in Meizhou, Guangdoing province.
When he did come smashing into the bank with the heavy construction equipment in broad daylight, however, things did not go as planned.
While he was able to do some major damage on our of the bank’s ATM during the ill-fated heist, it did not last long until people began taking notice that something completely off about the ruckus he was making.
Police immediately arrived on the scene and arrested the man, reported China News (via Shanghaiist). According to the reports, no money was stolen.
No details have so far been revealed as to where the man got his excavator, although he was assumed to be a construction worker.
Upon questioning by the police, the man reportedly admitted that he was robbing the bank as he needed some extra money for the upcoming Spring Festival.
The peculiar heist is currently being investigated further by local authorities.  
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