Chinese man accused of killing Nigerian ex-girlfriend for rejecting him

Chinese man accused of killing Nigerian ex-girlfriend for rejecting himChinese man accused of killing Nigerian ex-girlfriend for rejecting him
Carl Samson
September 19, 2022
A Chinese man made headlines in Nigeria after being arrested for the brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend.
Geng Quanrong, 47, reportedly confessed to killing Ummukulsum “Ummita” Buhari in her shared home in Janbulo quarters, Kano state on Friday night.
Local reports point to heartbreak as the motive behind the crime. Buhari allegedly broke her promise to marry Geng and wed another man instead, who later divorced her.
Buhari’s mother, who was at home with her two younger sisters, witnessed the crime.
“He (the Chinese man) always comes around wanting to see her and she has been refusing. This time around when he came, he kept knocking on the door. When I was fed up of [sic] him hitting the door loudly, I opened the door and he pushed me aside and got in and started stabbing her with a knife,” the grieving parent told Daily Trust.
Buhari’s mother screamed for help, but it was raining at the time and neighbors could not immediately hear her. Eventually, one man got through the window and brought Geng out.
A mob then formed and chased Geng, but Buhari’s own brother, Khaleed, stopped them from attacking him. Geng was ultimately taken to the police.
A house helper for Geng claimed that her boss had shown signs of depression prior to the murder. She recalled him telling her and his security guard not to come to work the following day.
“He called me that I shouldn’t come to work the next day and I later learnt that he had also called his security guard and told him the same thing,” she told 21st Century Chronicle. “It was in the morning that I saw his picture on social media that he has been involved in a murder case.”
The helper also described Geng, who runs a textile business, as a jovial person who kept a low profile.
“He has never been hostile to me or to anyone that I know,” she added.
The Chinese Business Community Association of Nigeria (CBCAN), led by Mike Zhang, condemned Buhari’s murder.
“The Chinese community in Kano is fully in support of the law taking its proper course,” Zhang said in a statement.
Geng is now under investigation for murder.
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